Termites are attracted to wood of all varieties - they are attracted to timber, building scraps, sleepers and old stumps of wood.

The also like water, whether it's from pipes, sinks, drains, air conditioning units, or shower heads.

They like environments that are humid and are usually found in humid subfloor areas.

It is a myth that they can chew through concrete, however, they can rise through concrete slab structures because of holes around piping and house framing, so a concrete slab is not a safeguard against all forms of infestation.

They are active throughout the year, not just in the warmer months, meaning that they will be working away at your home day-in, day-out, if they are present.

Problems aren't just a nuisance, they can ruin personal wealth. Unfortunately, we've heard too many horror stories. Because they are often unseen, they can be compromising the value of your home right under your feet. The can eat into structures for years without being noticed. They also move quickly - they can eat through wood flooring and doors in a few hours.

Getting a loan for termite damage can be next to impossible, because the asset value will be so depreciated. Home insurance also often doesn't cover termite damage. When you get a regular check from a qualified professional however, you can safeguard your home from a termite invasion. Why let them eat up your personal wealth!

Mostly, we complete inspection, detection and control. We also complete inspection reports, baiting and extermination. We can provide you with a free quote for whatever service you need.

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