You know the winter is coming when rats and mice start haunting your property. They are looking for somewhere warm to nestle and wait out the winter.

Rodents are a common pest, in both commercial properties and residential. While they are associated with unclean environments, they can occur anywhere. Ridding your property of rats and mice can be very difficult, even if you successfully claim a few scalps.

Many rodent infestations can be hard to detect, though the signs and symptoms of rat infestation can be everywhere. The problem can become very advanced right under your nose. You may scramble to remove food and water sources and, yet the rodents will continue to use your home for shelter.

They can cause damage to property and can spread disease - not mention taking a tax from your larder!

In fact, it's an unpleasant thought, but there are nine in ten Victorian homes have some form of rodent life cohabitating with humans. It's the stuff of nightmares and yet it's the stuff of life. With modern technology, however, rodents can be exterminated.

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