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If you're experiencing difficulties with spiders and ants, you should contact Cranbourne Pest Control. We have safe and effective pest control for customers in Melbourne.


Spiders like to inhabit in dark spaces. Depending on the species, some spiders prefer dry areas, and some prefer damp areas. They will therefore be found anywhere within the house, whether under the floor or in the attic. Spiders can be both dangerous and deadly, especially in Australia, where a variety of deadly species find their habitat.

Spiders therefore must be controlled. If you find a spider, don't touch it, call us and we can treat the spider the right way to make sure the danger is minimized.

Ant infestations

Ants will be able to nest throughout the home and can travel long distances from outside nests. They can enter from anywhere, being very small. They leave behind a scent that other ants can follow. This is how they create a trail. When you use DIY solutions, you will often find that the solution is not sufficient.

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