Termites are a constant threat to your home!

This silent killer of wealth, the termite, can inflict hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to your home - which, let's face it, is an important asset for most Australians - in a matter of months. We have seen termites eat through foundations and walls over a six-month period.


It can take a long time to notice the damage sometimes. Often, by the time you do, extensive problems have been caused.

Facts about Termites

  • Termites are a constant threat
  • They can appear in any form of home, including those on concrete slabs
  • They spread quickly and throughout the home
  • They can eat through even the toughest woods as they have a microbial environment in their gut specially purposed to digest timber
  • You need to invest in a professional termite assessment for the safety of your home.

A termite infestation poses a serious threat to all homes. This is why you need to have your home evaluated regularly, regardless of whether there is any visible damage or not at the moment.

Signs of Termites

  • Flying insects in the home
  • Warped or crazed paint
  • Wood is hollow when tapped
  • Tubes of mud on wooden beams
  • Wings

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