1. I had a house inspection three years ago, could a termite infestation have spread during this time?

Yes. It only takes mere months for a termite infestation to damage your home. The Australian standard recommends that you commission and inspection every six or twelve months at a maximum.

2. I have a concrete slab, under the foundation, I don't need to worry about termites, do I?

Termites can't chew through concrete, but they can still enter your home. There are often small gaps around plumbing and various fixtures, which they can make the most of to get up into the wood of the house.

3. What is the standard for house inspection for termites in Australia?

Australian standard is six to twelve months. Termites can spread damage within months, so it's important to be vigilant.

4. I have a two-year-old home, should I worry about termites?

Yes. Termites can spread in mere months. What's more, many pest control companies will only give you a warranty of one year. Cranbourne Pest Control provide warranty from three to ten years!

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